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“This is why alchemy exists," the boy said. "So that everyone will search for his treasure, find it, and then want to be better than he was in his former life. Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead; and then lead will have to turn itself into gold. That's what alchemists do. They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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♡ Beware of Alchemist | Oracle and Reina }

Once again, the oracle has run low on ingredients. She never used to mind the treks out into the mountain wilderness, as it was often a peaceful and serene experience. But as the tows below her mountain home expanded, the occurrence of seeing a human on her mountain side became more and more likely.

This time was no different, crimson eyes caught the faint outline of a woman examining something or other on the mountain’s ledge. At first, the young alchemist decided to pass on by and hope the woman wouldn’t be alerted to her presence. However, as she got closer, she realized the plant the stranger was studying was exactly what she needed for her potion. “HEY, YOU THERE!!!” She raised her hands as she called out. “Get your BEHIND away from the PLANT missy!”

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Jack smiled at her response. “Thank you. And I promise that next time we go to an event together, I’ll try harder to resist the temporal and spatial tides calling my name.” He said, “Or, at least bring a notebook this time.” He honestly hoped she knew he was joking—the stuff about getting trapped in space, at least.

"P-Punishment?" Jack staggered back a little. He had never even managed 20 push-ups without tiring himself out. Granted, that was a long time ago in high school. What’s the worst that could happen? He was no longer the wimp he once was. "Understood," he said, dropping to the ground, slipping the rucksack off his back, and making sure he got his hands and feet properly set up. "Right then…" He began to count under his breath each time his arms fully extended. "One…" And then back down, touching his nose to the ground.

[Squints her eyes, not impressed with his sarcastic comment, completely oblivious to that fact he is stringing her along in a joking manner.] Mhmph… 

[Watches in amusement as he actually does drop to the floor and begin to do push-ups, after a few she places her hands on the hips, shaking her head in a disapproving manner.] Not good enough! [Walks up to the man, and without any hesitation, seats herself on his back as he’s doing the push-ups.] Try now! 

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I did stay here. [He nods - interrupted when he begins to respond by the mug of tea bouncing up onto the table.] Ah— there you are. [He shoos the mug, and it skips across the surface - coming to a rest in front of the Oracle.] … Now, what was I saying … ah yes, light pollution. I have been somewhat annoyed with the lighthouse as of late … and while the stars are quite crystalline from this part of the world, it would certainly be nice to view them without any interference at all. I would be most gracious to accept your invitation, Alchemist.

[He smiles as she recounts her time—  ”studying”, nodding.] … Of course. [He leans back in his chair, folding his hands over his stomach and looking to the ceiling.] I hope … that you took the time between your studying … to simply sit and do nothing. I truly believe … one of the better parts of life is to do absolutely nothing at all.

[Thoughtfully:] … Especially when mortality is not an issue.

[Her eyes focus on the animated mug, and she flinches as it moved towards her, shutting her eyes as if bracing for impact, opening them moments later to find it had stopped right in front of her.]

Mhm! See I KNEW IT, I don’t have any houses of light on my mountain, I take real good care of it. [Nods her head happily, clasping her hands around the mug.] 

[Looks away as he tells her about the importance of relaxing, shrugging her shoulders limply.] Well, yeah I guess, I guess I do that too … sometimes. Only sometimes though. [Blinks, agreeing with yet another nod.] Yeah… [Takes a sip of the tea, pondering over his words.] No issues here~! ♪

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♡ The Worst Assistant | Phillip and Oracle }


  Ginger bangs fell in his face, the young man holding a large bag of grocery’s under his arm as he continued on his walk home. A long, relaxed sigh escaped him - kicking small rocks with his boots as he walked. ” —?”  The man perked up, noticing the alchemist standing on his farmland - and he merely blinked in confusion.

  It wasn’t until her eardrum bursting shout did the man come to the realization that he was in trouble. Oh boy. 

  Though none the less, a smirk appeared on his lips - moving quickly and swiftly to set the bag on the grass to leave it for safe keeping. He crept up behind her - and barely able to contain his chuckling he slipped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the ground, hugging her tight. In hope to distract her from her anger.

  With his chin on her shoulder, he rung in a merry tone: “I believe you called for me Miss ♪?”

Crimson eyes continued to scan the barren field, her pout increasing with every second. Just as she opened her mouth to call out again, the Oracle felt someone, or something, lift her off the ground. Pounding at whatever was secured around her waist with a closed fist, she let out a loud shriek in surprise and terror.

Hearing the familiar voice however, her mouth snapped shut and quickly formed into a large grin. Wait, no, she couldn’t be happy she needed to be angry!

Changing the grin into a unimpressed frown as fast as she could, the young alchemist let out a loud distressed huff. “Yes, yes I did! You disappeared on me again! This is not not NOT how an assistant works Phillip!” Rolling her eyes, she grabbed onto his arms that still surrounded her waist.

"And let me DOWN!!!”

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"I did not, I did not," he said. "Don’t you worry your little head, Oracle." He smiled. "I’m good at keeping my friends’ secrets. What kind of assistant would I be if I couldn’t?"  He crossed his arms and looked at her. "But she’d still be pestering you about how we know the other, if she ever met you."  

"So, anyways, what do you got for me to do?" he asked her. "I’ll do what I can to help you out."

Good. [Releases a sigh and sharply turns away. He had escaped her wrath… this time.] You’d be an even lousier one than you already are! [Jabs him in the stomach with an outstretched finger.] I’ll give you the clothes back… [Mutters under her breath.] They didn’t even fit me anyways.

[Squints her eyes, going through all the tasks she could have him do. Gets a suspicious grin and lets out a small giggle before completely deadpanning.] You can… DROP AND GIVE ME 50 PUSH-UPS! That’s your punishment!

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[Follows her to the table, quietly oblivious to the commotion in the kitchen - taking a seat across from her and settling down into it with the slowness of an old man with arthritic aches and pains. He sighs as he sits forward, bracing his elbows on the table top - and looks to the oracle with a returned smile.]

I have been “up to” very little, I’m afraid. I have been … studying a supernova quite voraciously as of late, but I have done very little in the last … year? … Other than stare into the heavens. [He sighs fondly.] … It has been quite a wonderful year, I must admit, though many would say that to do one thing for so long is boring. I could talk for hours of the beauty of such a specimen … and the magic that pulses within its depths.

… … [Blinks, as though snapping out of a daze.] And you? What have you been … “up to”?

[Listens to her old friend as he goes into a vague explanation on how he has spent his time since their last meeting. She nods along slowly, acting as if she knew just what he was talking about. Her smile was somewhat forced, however, as she could not hid the tinge of jealously that hung around.] 

Did you stay here? [She tilts her head and begins to look around his home, as if it’s state could be any sort of indication. (It’s not.)] I heard that, like, light… light pollyution? [Scrunches her nose, is that the right term?] Well, it makes it harder to see stars! You live in a town… You should come and see the stars from MY mountain, yuuuup! [Smiles proudly as she swings her feet underneath the table.]

[What had she been up to? Simply put… Nothing. She had simply traveled in her time away, but she wasn’t so eager to admit that.] I did, well, lots of studying! On, well, soooo many topics. Too many to list because listing ALL the things I learned would take FOREVER. [Pauses and purses her lips, is he buying her lie? She can’t tell.] But yeah… You know… The usual.

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♡ The Worst Assistant | Phillip and Oracle }

The young farmer hadn’t visited in far too long. It wasn’t that she missed his company, no, no, great alchemists did not dwindle on such frivolous things.  His absence was upsetting because her lack of assistant was hindering her studies! Determined, the small alchemist stormed down the mountainside, into the small village, and on to the somewhat familiar farm land. 

With a distressed sigh, Oracle looked around for any sign of the farmer. Seeing none, and being far too lazy busy to go about searching for him, the Oracle gathered all her strength and let out a loud echoing shout across the farmland. "PHILLIP!!! You get your REAR right HERE mister!!!"

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♡ Mountaineering | Mikhail and Oracle }

Warm spring air and the consistent chirping of birds were the first things to catch the Oracle’s attention as she stepped outside of her home in the first time in - well, who knows exactly how long? Humming an upbeat tune under her breath, the small alchemist made her way through the various paths and trails that littered the mountainside, keeping her eyes peeled for any flora she could use in her potions. 

Eventually, she did come across something, although it was far from a flower or a herb. The Oracle’s eyes opened wide in shock at the sight before her: a human on her mountain! He hadn’t seemed to be alerted to her presence just yet, but Oracle was determined to change that. Puffing out her cheeks, she walked right up behind the man. "Just WHAT are you doing on MY mountain, huh?!" She demanded, jabbing him in the back with an outstretched finger. "Explain. Your. Self!"

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Jack nodded, seeing her point. “It probably won’t,” he said. That was a bit of a half-assed promise on his part. He did feel bad that they kept getting separated. He did enjoy the immortal alchemist’s company for just the amount of energy she brought with her.

"Yes, I do owe you for that. And for the time before that still," he said. "That was what the ice skating was for, but…" a lightbulb went off in his head. "You wouldn’t happen to still have clothes clothes I loaned you, would you? She hasn’t noticed their gone yet, and it’d save you a lot of trouble if she never finds out." She leaned over to hold a finger up. "She’s a very curious girl, who will pester you for your alchemy secrets."

The Oracle simply stuck her tongue out in response. She did know more about these sorts of things than some human, even if he was a human who managed to somehow achieve transportation across the dimensions. 

She gave a quick nod in agreement, his debts were just increasing, and Jack should count himself lucky that she was indeed, a more forgiving alchemist than some others. “Hm? Yeah - I think I do! Why do you—” She trailed off, her eyes widening in shock. “JACK! Did you tell her what I do?! SHHHHH!!!!” The Oracle walked up to the man, huffing loudly. “My work is supposed to be a SECRET!”

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